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Looking for any jars of any size. Canning equipment too! I use these all the time and would love to clear your unused jars/lids/rings out of your cupboards and basement - I will pickup. Text for quicker pickup at (708)932-5014
Want large bin for making compost. Prefer ventilated and covered with large opening.
My fiance and I have been looking for a set of used kayaks or canoes or one 2 seater all summer. If anyone has one they're never going to use we will gladly put it to use for years to come. I've been out of work most of the summer recovering from surgery, getting ready to have another one Oct 1st so can't really justify spending $350+ on a new one
Looking for a 3-hole punch. I can pick up any time.
Looking for any brand used angle grinder. Need for my art studio. Thanks!
Would love to have some shade loving perennials if someone has some to split. I have a lot of the plain green myself so don't need more but would enjoy another variety.
I'm just looking for unused PCs and components to use to build working computers for some kids. I know there's got to be plenty of decommissioned office PCs from 5-10 years ago sitting in some garage or warehouse that I could give a second life thanks in advance.
In need of a larger size plastic dog crate for our busy puppy. Prefer plastic, not wire.
Hello everyone, we are in need of a dresser it doesn't have to be pretty just functional without any bugs or water damage. Thank you so much for considering
Looking for handheld electrical drill to disassemble and repurpose as part of a school club. Does not need to be functional and do not need battery. Willing to travel to west side of Indianapolis and the Avon/Brownsburg/Plainfield area.
We are a Great Pyrenees rescue and we are in need of either chain link fencing or dog kennel panels. We can drive anywhere around to get them. Thank you.
Just gained custody of Grandson and in need of Clothes and baby accessories... stroller, high chair etc.... 9 Months clothes and up please. Anything will help
Looking for a working serger and embroidery machine for my sewing projects. Thank you.
Hello, I am a IT student and I'm looking for old computers that I can just take apart to get some hands on learning about computer hardware. Thank you!
Looking for s meduim size dresser 4 to 5 drawers thank you
Would like to start a little free library and need the housing and the post if possible. Thanks.
Hi. I wod love some hosta starts if anyone is dividing their hostas. Thank you
Wanting Hydrangea starts to start my own bushes in my yard.
Wanting hydrangea starts to start my own bushes.
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